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JULY 17-18, 2020

Antonio Rojas, Pastor


Miracles that confirm the will of God

Workshop ยป Global Mission Sites and Partners

Antonio Rojas

Pastor Antonio Rojas

Founder of Happy Hearts, Peru
  • WS3 : Sat. 11:10 am-12:00 pm
  • Location : TBD
  • Language: Spanish/English
  • Speaker: Pastor Antonio Rojas
  • Mission Country: Peru
  • Category: Global Mission Sites and Partners
  • Title: Miracles that confirm the will of God


God has different ways of confirming his great will for our lives, one of them is through extraordinary and miraculous events that confirm what God has already been speaking to our hearts through his word and other natural means. I firmly believe that God confirmed in many miraculous ways the mission of starting a program of integral help to the poorest children of my country (Peru). God provided the resources for an important trip, restored marriages, changed the climate powerfully, healed sick people in a miraculous way, so with all these signs we began this adventure of faith in February 2005, believing that our all-powerful God would remain faithful to us. This is how we founded CORAZONES FELICES (HAPPY HEARTS), a ministry that today is fully helping 625 poor children in Peru. We have the dream of building a Medical Center, a School and an Orphanage for abandoned children.


Pastor Antonio Rojas studied Psychology at the National University of San Marcos and Theology at the Alliance Biblical Seminary in Peru. He was a prosperous businessman who, together with his wife, decided to leave the business world to pastor the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church in Cono Norte Callao, Lima - Peru, a church they founded in 1998, at the age of 26, and which they pastor to this day. God gave an incredible growth to this church and they founded 7 more congregations, they also bought a big piece of land and built a Center for Spiritual Retreats, Prayer and Missions; currently they are more than 3,000 members and they dream to found 21 more churches in the next 10 years. Antonio Rojas always had compassion for the poor families of Peru, and after some miraculous signs he founded the Happy Hearts Association (Asociación Corazones Felices) in February 2005. In 2007 he founded the Missionary Training School (EDEM), which intensively trains young people who want to do short and medium term missions in Peru.

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