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JULY 17-18, 2020

Luke Rhyee, Pastor & M.D.


Medical Ministry, A Loss-Leader in Mission?

Workshop ยป Global Mission Sites and Partners

Dr. Luke Rhyee

Pastor Luke Rhyee M.D.

Healing Guatemala
  • WS2 : Fri. 5:10-6:00 pm
  • Location : TBD
  • Language: English
  • Speaker: Pastor Luke Rhyee M.D.
  • Mission Country: Guatemala
  • Category: Global Mission Sites and Partners
  • Title: Medical Ministry, A Loss-Leader in Mission?


How do we seek to effectively incorporate the message of the gospel into our medical mission? Often, the short-term and long-term missionaries of medical services believe that we are fishing for people whose hearts can be softened to the Good News of our Lord through their medical mission.  This could be likened to luring new disciples in with the bait of free or affordable medical services. Should we approach the program of our medical missions as a loss leader? Or, is the medical mission in itself the message of the gospel in action? In our time together, I like to share some thoughts of the attributes of medical mission and some practical suggestions to proclaim the gospel through the medical mission.


Pastor Luke is on a life journey to be a faithful follower of Christ. The study of medicine at Chunman University Medical School in Korea prepared him to serve as a medical doctor.  He followed with theological training at Duke Divinity School in North Carolina. He became an ordained elder of the United Methodist Church. Luke is married to SunHee and they have three sons – Joshua, Andrew and Daniel. At present, Pastor Luke is serving the Mayan indigenous people in Guatemala as the president and executive director of Healing Guatemala.

Healing Guatemala operates the Bethesda Medical Clinic in Xela, Guatemala.  Additionally, daylong mobile clinics are organized in remote mountain areas of Guatemala. Healing Guatemala encourages the participation of local medical personnel. For each mobile clinic day, Healing Guatemala enlists the volunteer services of 20-30 Guatemalan doctors, dentists, and medical and dental students. The training of new Guatemalan doctors is another substratum of this mission. It reaches out to two new medical students each year to support them through their schooling with a scholarship, a stipend and spiritual care until graduation.

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