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JULY 17-18, 2020

Brett Curtis

Using two hands of the gospel by medical ships to the isolated islands of the world

Workshop ยป Global Topics

Brett Curtis

Brett Curtis

Ywam Ships Kona - President/ CEO
  • WS1 : Fri. 4:10-5:00 pm
  • Location : TBD
  • Language: English
  • Speaker: Brett Curtis
  • Category: Global Topics
  • Title: Using two hands of the gospel by medical ships to the isolated islands of the world


The seminar will show how YWAM Ships, running 26 vessels throughout the world, delivers healthcare development and education to some of the most isolated and remote islands of the world. There is great synergy between bringing in the physical felt need and the often more deeper spiritual need that these people have. We will highlight work being done especially in Papua New Guinea where over 100.000 medical services are delivered each year. The community engagement side resulting in bibles being distributed and man, woman and children of all ages coming to know Christ has also reached into its thousands. There is an unique opportunity lying ahead this year for service on board our YWAM Ships from Europe, the Amazon and around the Pacific. There will be times for questions and answers and an opportunity to seek ways to partner with various missionary and medical networks.



YWAM Ships Orange County, also doing business as YWAM Ships Kona, began in 2011. The goal of the organization is to reach the hundreds of isolated islands in Pacifica and beyond. Since beginning the California based non-profit has established operating locations in facilities in Hawaii, Panama, The Marshall Islands, Cambodia, Haiti and New Zealand.

At the head of this mission are Brett and Karen Curtis who began their YWAM Ships career in 1983 when the first hospital ship in Youth With A Mission, the 12,000 ton m/v ANASTASIS called into their home port of Tauranga New Zealand. Brett gave up his family farming business in Kiwifruit and Karen her nursing career and they signed up for a tour of duty that was meant to last 6 months. Now 35 years and five children later they are leading a growing chapter in this organization called YWAM Ships Kona.

Since they began Brett and Karen have had the privilege of working in over 70 nations hosting 17 heads of state on board from the UK, through Central America, Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific. 

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