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JULY 17-18, 2020

Heidi Syren Linton

Hope and Healing - the work of Christian Friends of Korea in the DPRK

Workshop ยป Global Mission Sites and Partners

Heidi Professional Photo

Heidi Linton

Executive Director, Christian Friends of Korea(CFK)

  • WS5 : Sat. 4:10-5:00 pm
  • Location : TBD
  • Language: English
  • Speaker: Heidi Linton
  • Mission Country: North Korea
  • Category: Global Mission Sites and Partners
  • Title: Hope and Healing - the work of Christian Friends of Korea in the DPRK


Christian Friends of Korea (CFK) has been actively working to share the love of Christ in the DPRK since 1995, supporting initiatives ranging from emergency relief, to clean water, basic agriculture, TB and hepatitis diagnostics and treatment, as well as ongoing patient support - while building trust and relationships.  As God continues to widen the door for Christian work in DPRK, come and learn how God is using ordinary people to share His love through the work of CFK.


Heidi Syren Linton, Executive Director, Christian Friends of Korea (CFK)

Heidi Linton volunteered with Christian Friends of Korea from its founding in 1995, and has served as CFK’s Executive Director since 2002.  In the last 23 years, more than 200 people (156 Americans and 45 internationals) have participated on 80+ visits to the DPRK. CFK teams have visited every province in the DPRK while delivering over $92 Million USD in aid (including food, medicine, medical supplies and equipment, renovations and technical upgrades, agricultural supplies and equipment and other goods).   CFK engages in long-term work at approximately 30 tuberculosis, hepatitis and other healthcare facilities in the DPRK.   CFK currently leads a partnership effort that has piloted and initiated a modern hepatitis B diagnostics and treatment program in the DPRK.   Nearly 1500 patients have been screened thus far, and over 800 started on treatment.

Heidi regularly leads CFK visits to the DPRK to confirm delivery of all shipments and to engage in technical projects.   In 2017, CFK teams spent 87 days in DPRK over four extended visits.  The scope of work included:  visits to 30+ TB or hepatitis care centers (including over 4400 miles in local travel) to check on projects and confirm delivery of multiple shipments of humanitarian goods, continued training at the National TB Reference Lab and the hepatitis labs in Pyongyang and Kaesong (newly renovated by CFK teams in 2016), solar-gravity clean water systems installed at 5 care centers, and 4 treatment clinics hosted for hepatitis B patients.   CFK plans 4 visits to DPRK in 2018, beginning in March.

Heidi holds a Master’s Degree from New York University, and a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Washington. Heidi and her husband, Andrew Linton (a co-founder of CFK whose parents, grandparents, and great-grand parents were all lifelong Presbyterian missionaries to Korea) have three grown children, two grandchildren, and live in North Carolina.

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