The Korean Christian Reformed Church of Orange County in Westminster, CA hosted this year’s KAMHC/GMMA Board meeting on Oct 24, 2015.
The meeting was well attended by about 30 board members from all over the country, some having recently returned from North Korea as well as Mongolia and Seoul, Korea.
Dr./Rev. Sung Ho Bae gave a testimonial message of how he retired from his practice to become a full time missionary in the jungles of Honduras where “Dios Obra Aqui” (God works here) and challenged us to be a part of what God is doing throughout the world.
KAMHC/GMMA President, Dr. Peter Chung Sr., explained the growth of the Regional Chapters. He will be traveling to UC Berkeley after the board meeting and will share how God has orchestrated the growth of these Regional Chapters.
The report of the GMMA Student Chapter activities by Dr. Sang Hoon Ahn and Dr. David Choi gave fresh hope to the future of this movement.  Dr. Ahn and Choi challenged the board members to get involved in mentoring these eager students and gave testimony of how this ministry has blessed not only the students but their own lives as well.
The afternoon session was joined by the 6th KAMHC/GMMA 2016 prep team members, starting off with a powerful session of praise and worship.
Psalm 46:10 was the theme for the group prayer:  “Be still, and know that I am God, I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in all the earth.”
Mrs. Kelly Choi led the board members in a fun interactive exercise to be used in a promotional campaign by recording short videos about each board member’s brief insight as a GMMA professional.  She also explained marketing strategies for the 6th KAMHC/GMMA 2016 conference and challenged board members to go out and invite everyone they know to come to the “banquet table”.
The meeting ended with a beautiful group picture of all attendees–young and old and people of various backgrounds from all over the country.  This photo reflected the Unity of KAMHC and GMMA coming together as ONE in the mighty name of JESUS.
The joy and laughter that was shared over the delicious dinner sponsored by the Korean Christian Reformed Church of Orange County was a taste of heaven as we sensed God’s presence in our midst and were encouraged by the fellowship of believers all striving with the common goal of seeing the world impacted and healed with God’s love.
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