Biblical Foundations of Healthcare Missions

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N W Bethany

Neil Thompson MD

  • Workshop I : Fri 3:50 - 4:50 pm
  • Speaker: Neil Thompson MD
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  • Language: English
  • Title: Christian Leadership
  • Workshop III : Sat 10:20 - 11:20 am
  • Speaker: Neil Thompson MD
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  • Language: English
  • Title: Biblical Foundations of Healthcare Missions

Synopsis - Christian Leadership

What does Christian leadership mean to you? Is it different from secular leadership? If so, how? What is servant leadership? The term was coined in the secular world in 1977. It was lived and demonstrated by Jesus 2000 years ago! OMF (my mission agency) calls leadership “influencing people toward God’s purposes in their lives.” In a secular journal, leadership is called “the triumph of humility and fierce resolve.” Who are your favorite leaders in the Bible? Who are your favorites from the secular world? Why? Before arriving, think of your worst boss. How would you describe him/her? What about your best boss? In other words, what have leaders done to make you feel weak, insignificant, unvalued? Or, strong, empowered, inspired? What do you look for in a leader? Come prepared to share. In this workshop, we will consider these issues and more, including “leadership myths” and the importance of how leaders deal with power, trust, people and conflict. Whether you consider yourself a follower or a leader, join us to plumb the depths of effective leadership.

Synopsis - Biblical Foundations of Healthcare Missions

The essence of the biblical foundations of healthcare missions is found in the first three chapters of Genesis and the healing ministry of Jesus. Adam and Eve were the pinnacle of God’s creative activities. They lived in a beautiful garden and experienced the abundant life of peace, joy, harmony and fellowship with God and each other. The Hebrew word “shalom” comes very close to describing what we see in Genesis 1-2, the fulness that God intended for all his creation. Man’s rebellion (the fall) shattered that paradise, but the image of God remains in man, as well as the tremendous healing capacity in creation. Serving in healthcare missions is one way to share God’s love in this hurting world. We will take a special look at key biblical concepts such as creation, shalom, image of God, the fall, restoration, health, wholeness and healing. “Biblical Foundations for Healthcare Missions” is also the title of first section of a new course called “Christian Global Health in Perspective”. To see an overview of this course, go to .


Dr. Neil Thompson served with OMF as general surgeon at Manorom Christian Hospital in Central Thailand from 1978 to 2001. His main objective was to provide high quality surgical care in a medical ministry designed to glorify God by caring for body, soul and spirit. The hospital team worked and prayed to see patients and staff come to know Jesus and to form new churches. He served as Hospital Director from 1998-2001. He was the OMF-US National Director from 2001-2010, focusing on mobilizing professionals for the harvest, especially among creative access nations in East Asia. During this time there was an exciting growth of both short-term and long-term participants. Neil then served as Medical Mission Advocate (2011-2021), introducing an intentional focus on OMF healthcare missions, striving to promote and raise the profile of medical missions worldwide in general and in East Asia in particular. He currently serves as “Healthcare Mission Consultant” for OMF. He has also been part of the team preparing and presenting the Christian Global Health in Perspective course, covering biblical foundations, history, cultural matters and current strategies. For more information on the course and how to take part, join the session “Biblical Foundations of Healthcare Missions”. Contact Info:,