Dr. Peter Chung, President of KAMHC/GMMA, came back from 2015 KOSTA, Europe which was held in See Park Kirchheim near Frankfurt, Germany between 2/24 ~ 2/27, 2015.  Dr. Chung was one of the main speakers and he had a wonderful and blessed time with 500 students from all over the Europe. Dr. Chung formed GMMA Europe on Feb 24, 2015 with 20 initial members.
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On the previous Saturday, Feb 21 2015, Dr. Chung visited the Campus Town Church in Ann Arbor, Michigan and thanked God to see their zeal and passion for missions. Dr. Chung emphasized the importance of cooperation with the local churches in the area.

Dr. Peter Chugn with GMMA Europe

He also suggested that GMMA needs to support the local church’s mission efforts through ministries of GMMA regional chapter and GMMA student chapter at the University of Michigan. GMMA main office also will put all our efforts in connecting every need of mission fields to each GMMA regional chapter and student chapter according to their availabilities and resources.

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