“And when Jesus heard it, he said to them, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick.  I came not to call the righteous, but sinners.” (Mark 2:17)

President’s Greeting

“Merry Christmas to the beloved family of GMMA! My life has been enormously enriched by what God has gifted through GMMA; an invaluable community. This community has grown from four student chapters to thirty-three chapters, those established and some in the making. For the past two years, I have been privileged to travel to many cities and campuses, in the US and abroad, to meet so many pure, dedicated, faithful servants of God, predominantly students in number. Through these encounters, I have found new hope in the future of fulfilling the commission of the Lord. We humbly say it is a movement of God based on the many testimonies that reveal His spirit working in the hearts of GMMA members, across twelve states and three countries! I am always moved watching the monthly mission trip videos of the professionals and students serving together as His healers, and I am looking forward to joining the December mission team! Our mission partners ask us how is it possible that we coordinate a medical mission trip on a monthly basis with professionals and students. It is truly by His grace and His spirit, and we are ever so thankful.  So, during this Christmas, as I reflect upon the gift of Christ who came to save us and give eternal life, I bring GMMA and myself before Him in worship.  My prayer is that GMMA continues to thrive onward, to every campus and nation, by His spirit.  This made me think of the lowly manger where Christ was born.  The physical place was of a lowly place, but because God’s spirit was there, it was glorious, and everyone who came knew this and bowed before baby Jesus.  I pray GMMA will be a community where His presence is so abundant, that all who join to serve together will experience and worship Him. Lastly, remember that we serve the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords who has moved on from the Christmas story to become the reigning king of heavens who will be returning as the great judge. (Matthew 25:31-33) May your hearts be filled with His strength and love this 2016 Christmas, and thank you for being a part of this special community.

Together for the King!

In His Service,
Peter Chung M.D” (John 1:14)


On November 12, UCLA and UCI GMMA student chapters went on a one-day medical mission trip to Siloé Ministries in La Misión, Mexico. Ten health professionals and three GMMA graduates accompanied the students. The students focused on serving each patient in a Christ-like manner. In addition to taking patients’ vitals and praying with them, the students washed many patients’ feet. The team bonded through the sharing of testimonies during the trip. Thank you for keeping the team in your prayers. Watch the video summary below!
Students from Biola, Cornell, Northwestern, Princeton, UC Riverside, Union College, USC, UVA, and UW will be going on a 4-day mission trip from December 16 to December 19 to Siloé Ministries in La Misión. They will be hosting clinics, outreaches to nearby villages, and throwing a Christmas party. Please pray for the team to be unified as there are multiple chapters making up the team.
On January 14, Biola and UC Berkeley will be going on a one-day medical mission trip to Siloé Ministries. Please pray as they prepare and train for the mission trip. Please keep the team, its safety, and the trip in your prayers.
Don’t forget! GMMA members will be serving at various mission sites throughout the year. If you are interested in joining us, check out our website at Gmma7.org for more details.

Prayer Requests

  1. Let us pray for our nation. May the new leadership be gifted with fear of the Lord and wisdom to govern justly.
  2. Pray for the medical missionaries serving in difficult locations, to be surrounded by His angels and protected from physical and emotional harm.
  3. Pray for the monthly mission team preparations, to be blessed with unshakable unity and His mighty protection.
  4. Pray for the professional members to be good representatives of Christ in their work, home, and ministry.
  5. Pray for the student members to be wise in time management and to exercise discipline in their academics for His glory.  Pray for protection over the students as they desire more spiritual discipline and growth.
  6. Pray for all the members experiencing physical and emotional challenges, to overcome these struggles in victory with faith. May the family members be strengthened with peace and wisdom to support them in His love.


GMMA professional members continue to serve in various regions to share their faith with the students of different campuses. Just to mention a few, Dr. Chung was able to meet the faithful servants of UPenn and Drexel University. He is always amazed by the great servants that God has placed on each campus. He always speaks highly of the professionals who eagerly volunteer as mentors as well.

Earlier last month, GMMA students Jesus, Jane, and Rebecca, and staff Kelly, Esther, and Paul volunteered at SaRang Community Church’s Annual Health Fair along with GMMA health professionals Dr. David Choi, Dr. Iris Lee, Dr. Joseph Chun, and Nurse Jane Choi.

California professionals joined their efforts and served at the 2016 Health Panel hosted by the USC chapter. Over one hundred students from UCLA, USC, UCI, UCSD, UCR, and Biola attended and interacted with the professionals to learn about various areas of the healthcare profession. It was a time of encouragement for both groups which revealed, once again, the beauty of God’s community gathering together to support one another. Watch the video summary below!
For any professional member who is interested in serving as a mentor or simply as a visitor to our campus meetings, please let us know at admin@gmma7.org. We would love to have you share about your faith journey as a healthcare professional!


Season’s Greetings from GMMA Student Chapters! November was a month full of events and proved to be a great time of fellowship for the students. On November 12th, Southern California sent out two different mission teams to Mexico. UC San Diego team went to Tijuana with Mexican Medical Mission (MMM), an organization we have partnered with for the first time. We hope to work with MMM more closely in the near future. Thank you Dr. Sarah Oh DDS and Dr. Diane Rhee MD for coming with us. Another November team was comprised of UCLA and UCI. It was another great time serving Siloe Ministry. Thank you so much for supporting our mission trips with your love and prayers.

UFlorida GMMA volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House Volunteer Program. Student leaders and members painted and retouched fences to serve their community.

UT Austin’s presidents and Texas Mentors (Dr. Yong-sik Kim and Dr. Yun Kim) went on a vision trip to Mexico for their January Mission Trip. Please pray for the upcoming mission trip, the involved preparations, and for the safety of the attendees. We hope for a great start at this Mexico mission site for future opportunities to serve as well. GMMA Women’s Retreat Southern California chapters held their first Women’s Retreat. Our amazing female doctors, Drs. Mary Roh and Inyoung Kim flew to California to share testimonies, worship and encourage our future female health professionals. One of the students from this retreat accepted Christ and many students’ chains were broken. It was a great time of fellowship not only for the students but also for the health professionals. Thank you Anne Han for planning this beautiful event.

December Trip Training Our December Mission Trip is Christmas-themed. The mission trip will be from December 16-19th. This team is unique because we have groups joining us from every corner of the United States. University of Washington, UC Riverside, Biola University, Northwestern University, Cornell University and University of Virginia will be serving the people of Mexico together in such a special season. Few of our GMMA headquarter staffs were able to fly out to University of Washington and Northwestern University to personally meet the students and train the students for the mission trip. Thank you, Dr. Christine Jun for hosting the staff and teaching the Northwestern University students how to measure blood pressure. Please pray for the December Mission Team’s unity as the whole team will meet each other on December 15th for the first time.

Our Australia Sydney Chapter is experiencing summer unlike us. They are steadily growing and are currently trying to establish a student chapter at Sydney University. Please support our Sydney student chapter through prayers as they attempt to launch their student chapter.
December Canada GMMA Conference in Toronto

Dr. Peter Chung, Dr. Mary Roh and Dr. David Roh went out to Toronto to meet our Toronto region student chapters: Western U, University of Toronto, Ryerson U and McMaster U. Students were so excited to learn about mission fields and to share the passion of the health professionals. Many pastors and health professionals from Toronto had the opportunity to learn more about GMMA.

If you are interested in attending a mission trip to Mexico with Toronto GMMA, please send us an email at studentchapters@gmma7.org

Many of the UF students are currently taking their final exams. University of Florida ended their semester by hosting a game night to have a time of fellowship before final exams.

We had great fundraisers over the past few months. From Cornell’s shirt sale that raised over $800 to UCLA’s Boba & Bahn Mi sale, we are so grateful for the people who have supported us this quarter and semester.

  We have another fundraiser going on RIGHT NOW. If you are from Southern California and are looking for things to do with your friends over winter break, why not take a trip to Mt. High to board or ski? All proceeds will go to our mission sites: Honduras (for building a fence around the school), Haiti rescue fund and Siloe Ministry’s Wellness Center Project.
If you are a GMMA undergraduate alumni, please join us on our Facebook Group. We would love to be in contact with you keep you informed about GMMA Mission opportunities. Join the rest of the alumni community here.

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Please pray about serving in GMMA’s committees that best align with your areas of gifts and talents. We assure you that this will be an incredible opportunity.  We are in need of members to serve in: Intercessory Prayer, Mission Coordination, Information and Media Management, Mentorship, Proof Reading and Writing, Photograph and Video Management, Fundraising, and Event Coordination.
If you are interested in serving with us,
please contact us at Gmma7.org@gmail.com.

Upcoming Events & Announcements

  • There will be a spring mission trip to Honduras from March 2 to 7, 2017. Dr. Peter Chung and Dr. Paul Jo are going with students from the University of Florida, the University of Michigan, and from Emory University. If any health professionals are interested in joining, please email missions@gmma7.org.
  • If you have a testimony that you would like to share with the rest of the GMMA family, please email us at newsletter@gmma7.org by the first week of each month for consideration.

Until next time,
Please share about KAMHC & GMMA and let us all remember to Arise and Shine for His glory.

Global Medical Missions Alliance | 714.444.3032 | admin@gmma7.org | GMMA7.org

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