“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” (Gal 6:9)

GMMA September 2016 Monthly Newsletter

President’s Greeting for September 2016

I am always amazed at His faithfulness to the efforts of GMMA.  As I have started to travel again to different student chapters, I am meeting dedicated student leaders serving to help their campuses experience GMMA.  I invite our professional members to pray about serving as valuable mentors to these students.  Many mentors are needed as the nationwide college chapters are increasing.  I met a great mentor while speaking at the Kosta in Toronto, Canada in August. He is a university professor with a Ph.D. in pharmacy who I discipled twenty years ago in Florida! What a joy it was to see him after twenty years serving as a leader in his community.  When I shared about the GMMA student movement, he volunteered to serve as a mentor to the campuses of Toronto, Canada. Who would have known that I would see him in twenty years later in Toronto to serve together again! God knew. The students we are serving today are the future mentors. Let us continue to run the good race of raising up the next generation for His glory. Enjoy reading about so many activities of GMMA for this month, and contact us to join in on the serving opportunities.     In His Service, Peter Chung M.D


GMMA students and professionals served in Honduras from August 13th-18 , 2016.  God granted amazing fruits that touched the hearts and strengthened their faith. Professionals and students serving together as a one team in Christ is one of the powerful asset of GMMA. See below the slide show of the mission trip. For the August trip, CGN TV staff attended and made a medical missions documentary. It will be shared with many around the world. Click on the link to watch it. The September mission team to Honduras is serving from Sept 11-16, 2016.

GMMA August 2016 Honduras Mission Trip Video

GMMA August 2016 Honduras Mission Trip

Check out this video, too! https://youtu.be/C14DZQUqXkA

Remember GMMA members are serving at various mission sites throughout the year.  If you would like to join and attend, please check the opportunities on the website. Gmma7.org.

Prayer Requests

Please pray with us for the September Honduras Mission Team: Team unity, safety, protection, servant’s hearts, and unending joy and thanksgiving.
* Pray for many professionals around the globe to open their hearts to
   serve as GMMA mentors and board members.
* Pray for our mission partners who are in need of much assistance to be
* Pray for our leaders who are traveling to different states visiting different
   campuses and encouraging the students.
* Pray for speedy recovery and healing for our members going through
   health challenges.


Dr. Chung and many of the members have been busy connecting and traveling to meet and serve at various locations. Below are few of the place Dr. Chung visited.


Student chapters have been busy preparing for the new 2016-17 academic year.  GMMA campus officers have been and are attending leaders training at various campuses nationwide.  Each training sites are accompanied by mentors and coordinators to support and offer assistance. What a beautiful site. View many photos of different student chapter events on the Instagram account. Follow GMMA Instagram and be informed faster! Recent graduated students have entered into different professional schools. See their white coat ceremony pictures on Instagram as well. We are so proud and thankful!      www.instagram.com/gmma_org/


Please pray about and serve in GMMA’s committees that align to your areas of gifts and talents.  It will be fun and enormously helpful.  We need members in: Intercessory Prayer, Mission Coordination, Information and Media Management, Mentorship, Proof Reading and Writing, Photograph and Video Management, Fundraising, and Event Coordination.   Please email us and let us know at Gmma7.org@gmail.com.  You will be blessed.

Upcoming Events & Announcements

CAMPUS VISITS- During the month of September, mentors will continue to travel to different campuses in New York, Chicago, Washington, to meet, encourage, and share the love of Christ.
SPEAKING ENGAGEMENT- During the October, 17 of GMMA board members will be attending as plenary and workshop speakers at OMMA 2016 (Oceanic Medical Missions Conference) in Sydney, Australia. Dr. Chung is looking forward to helping this group of healthcare professionals to reach out to the students in Sydney and near by areas. Please pray for them.
If you would like to share your events and announcements, email it to us.
Here are GMMA ministries coming up in our near future that we need your prayer and support.

1. Sep 11 to 17, GMMA mission trip to Honduras, Dr Sanhoon Ahn will lead

2. Sep 24, a new chapter meeting at Univ of Washington, Dr Sang Hoon          Ahn
3. Sep 24, Leadership retreat at Northwestern, Univ of Illinois, Univ of
4. Sep 25, a new chapter meeting at Purdue
5. Sep 27, a new chapter meeting at Cornell
7. Sep 28, a new chapter meeting in New York at Columbia Univ, New York
    Univ, SUNY New York.
7. Oct 7 to 10, Oceania Medical Mission Conference in Australia, 17 our
    board members will attend and conduct 11 workshops.
Until next time, let us remember to share about GMMA and Arise and Shine for His glory.

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