And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are  called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28)

GMMA March 2017 Monthly Newsletter

President’s Greeting


Dear GMMA family,

I have just returned from another amazing medical mission trip to Honduras with the students of U of Michigan, Emory, and U of Florida.  Accompanying the team were GMMA’s dedicated professionals.  I say “another” because each mission trip has been equally amazing with God’s perfect grace and glory touching the hearts of each participant.  This blessing is evident in all of our mission efforts whether in Mexico or Honduras.  As we have multiple teams heading out to the mission sites to serve, I had the chance to read many post-trip testimonies. Each person shares their unique perspective, but I have noticed repeating words in the testimonies such as “so thankful” “love” “miss the team” “heart was touched” and “can’t wait to see them again.”  The trips strengthen our relationship with God, with others, and oneself. It realigns, refreshes, and restores us. Through it, we get to be His loving tools for salvation! I pray for more of our professional members to experience this. I pray they can make time for one day or one week from their regular schedules to experience what their regular work settings cannot provide. We invite all the professionals to join the monthly medical mission trips. For March, I would like to share a few comments from the professionals who participated in the Honduras trip with me.  Through their words, you will recognize a special scene in your mind; a scene which you can be a part of! Below are the words of two physician sisters, Dr. Susanna Choi and Dr. Mary Roh.

“The worship time was a foretaste of Heaven.  These future doctors and professionals have been impacted totally for Christ and I feel so blessed to have been included and used.” – Susanna Choi, M.D

“Each of us was like a piece of broken “jars of clay” brought together to create a beautiful MOSAIC with the light of Jesus shining through.  Individually, we don’t make much sense, but when brought together, God made all of us fit together for His glory! I vividly remember the 67-year-old man with the deep finger laceration from a machete and how God orchestrated for us to be in the mountains that very day.  Had we not obeyed and gone, that man would have most likely lost his finger, or even worse, gotten infected and died.  We brought him back with us to the clinic where students gathered to watch Dr. Peter Chung skillfully place numerous sutures to save his finger. It was too dark and dangerous for the patient to return back home to the mountains that evening, so we shared our dinner and prepared a bed for him and his son to rest for the night.  I was so happy to see his smiling face the next morning. He stated that he had no pain in his finger and he was so grateful for all the love and kindness we had shown to him. This event reminded me of Jesus’ story of the Good Samaritan and I rejoiced that we were able to help and demonstrate the love of God in such a timely matter. 

Although we had taken a large supply of medicines, we quickly ran out of children’s medicines.  I felt frustrated and regretted not bringing more, but then God reminded me that there is something more powerful than medicine that He wanted me to show them.  I was able to encourage many of the single mothers with young children, that “Hay algo cosa que es mas poderoso como medicina.  Son los oraciones de madre”.  (There is something more powerful than medicine. It is the prayers of a mother.) I encouraged these mothers to pray out loud in front of me for their children and their eyes filled with tears of love.  I reminded them that they are not alone and that God would never leave them.  As they left with “Adios”, I was reminded of the literal meaning “To God”.

It was a time for encouragement, A time to give a fresh challenge, A time for new commitments and renewing our walks with the Lord. It was a time for uncovering our past hurts, A time to cry and weep, A time to unleash our unabashed love for our Lord. We lifted the weak and cried with one another, We laughed and rejoiced with each other, We prayed for one another and carried each other’s burdens. It was as Church was meant to be–to be one body–the Body of Christ.”  – Dr. Mary Roh


Go and Experience it!

In His Love and Service,
Peter Chung M.D


GMMA’s February team consisting of the USC and UCI chapters spent February 17th at La Misión, Mexico on a one day medical mission trip. They experienced God’s sovereignty in the heaviest rain storm of the winter as the team faced no difficulties on the road.

The aforementioned rain storm has been delaying the completion of Siloe’s Wellness Center. With Siloe’s goal to finish the construction by 2017, they are in need of financial help. If you are willing to aid Siloe financially, please donate to GMMA and mention that it is for Siloe’s Wellness Center.

Also, our very own GMMA president, Dr. Peter Chung, Sr. led a team of students from Emory University, University of Florida, and University of Michigan on an extended medical mission trip to Honduras from March 2-7. Even though the team was made up of students, mentors, and other health professionals from across America, they were able to come together and be God’s hands and feet to the nation of Honduras. Thank you for the prayers you poured out on the team.

Lastly, we have another March team going on a mission trip. Dr. Sarah Oh, DDS, will be leading a team of UCLA, UCI, UCSD students to the Siloé Clinic in La Misión, Mexico. The trip will be from March 24-26th. Since the trip will last a few days, please keep each of their ministries in prayer. They will be hosting clinics, outreaches, and specifically taking time to reach out to the displaced Haitian community in nearby Tijuana. As the team’s theme is “True Worshipper”, please pray that God will teach them what it means to truly worship him.

Don’t forget! GMMA members will be serving at various mission sites throughout the year. If you are interested in joining us, check out our website at for more details.

Prayer Requests

  1. URGENT: All monthly mission trips need more participation of the professional members. The students at all chapters are making time to commit to monthly medical mission trips and request more of the professional members to share and teach. Currently, Mexico teams for April and May need more professional members. Please join us. The trips usually take place during the weekend, so it should not interfere with regular work schedules.  For further details and inquiries, please email us at
  2. URGENT: Bethel Korean Church in Irvine is joining with other churches to respond to the cries of the Syrian refugees in Turkey and Northern Iraq. They are in great need of doctors, nurses, and pharmacists.  The trip is scheduled from 4/16/17 (Sun) to 4/25/17 (Tues). They need GMMA professional members to be Jesus’s healing hands to the refugees.  Please pray about it and contact us at


The month of February was full of many mission reports and testimonies among the professional members of GMMA. Just to mention a few, Dr. Hongshik Kim and his wife Dr. Jungmee Kim traveled to MCM hospital in Ethiopia to teach at the medical school for two weeks. God granted amazing testimonies of witnessing His intimate work in every step. The medical students eagerly wait for their return.  MCM is one of GMMA’s mission partners and they welcome instructors from the states even if it is just for one week. It is a perfect site to live out the AWAY4G (a week a year for God). They are praying for twelve internists to commit to one week of teaching the students for the year 2018.  If twelve members take turns each month, the medical school can be provided with instructors for the entire year.  Dr. Kim encourages GMMA professionals to sign up to go and share their knowledge to the waiting students. You can email Dr. Kim for any questions or inquiries at 

Another featured event was the California professional members’ prayer meeting held at Dr. Ahn’s office. It was a blessed time of praising, sharing, listening to mission reports, and most of all earnestly praying together for GMMA and for each other. The power of prayer and the power of His people gathering together in His love was evident by the fruits exhibited. This meeting takes place bi-monthly. We encourage all GMMA regional professionals to gather together regularly to pray and share life.


If you know any healthcare professionals who would gladly serve as mentors for these chapters, please email us at

Featured Member of the Month

Rev. Sung Ho Bae, M.D. is a full-time Board Certified Neurologist and Electroencephalographer of 35 years. He is a Clinical Associate Professor of Neurology at Thomas Jefferson University Medical College in Philadelphia, PA. He is also an ordained minister of the United Methodist Church. He serves as Director of Jesus Health & Healing Ministry of JAMA. He has also been a partner faculty at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C. As President of Thorn in the Flesh Fellowship, Inc. (TIFF Ministry), he is actively involved in a holistic healing ministry. He has authored two non-medical Christian books entitled Brain Priming and Living Well with a Thorn in the Flesh.

“I give thanks to the Lord who keeps using me as His instrument of love. I would like to become a God-pleasing servant.”

Prayer Requests:

1) My ministry in JAMA has been more active than ever, actively participating in the ambitious project of establishing a Christian College Campus (“Kingdom College”) in Lindale, Texas. I ask for your prayers in this endeavor for raising up the future leaders in Christ. I need the Holy Spirit’s strength, wisdom and power in delivering messages in the upcoming Intercessory Prayer Conferences in Hawaii (end of March) and Detroit area (May).
2) In February, I was elected to chair the Board of the Wesley Theological Seminary Central and South America Mission Council. I need strength and wisdom to serve the Board.
3) I will be speaking at the Annual Peninsula-Delaware Conference of the United Methodist Church on May 24th. Please pray that I would deliver a gracious message to the attendees.
4) I continue to work as Associate Pastor of the Delaware Korean United Methodist Church. Please pray that I would be filled with the Holy Spirit – to serve the congregation efficiently and effectively.
5) I continue to assist the Health Ministry to Haiti – Pray for Jesus Medical Clinic in Haiti, which was opened in January 2016.

I am thankful for the warm support and prayers from our friends at GMMA.


Sung Ho Bae


Please pray about serving in GMMA’s committees that best align with your areas of gifts and talents. We assure you that this will be an incredible opportunity.  We are in need of members to serve in: Intercessory Prayer, Mission Coordination, Information and Media Management, Mentorship, Proof Reading and Writing, Photograph and Video Management, Fundraising, and Event Coordination.
If you are interested in serving with us,
please contact us at

“So, Walk with your Head Held High! Your Father God who created the whole Universe Will Go Before You and will Clear your Path! Be Confident!   He will Guide You! He will Protect You! and He will Use You Mightily for His Kingdom!”  – Paul Jo, M.D.

Until next time,
Please share about KAMHC & GMMA and let us all remember to Arise and Shine for His glory.

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