“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” (Jeremiah 29:11-13)

GMMA February 2019 Monthly Newsletter

President’s Greeting

Dear GMMA Family,

Welcome to our latest newsletter, the second this year. Through it, we hope to keep you updated on our latest news and inspire you with prayers and requests all throughout the year.

As the GMMA family has grown nationally and globally, and connected with other organizations, the importance of intercessory prayer cannot be over-emphasized. Rev. Andrew Murray, in his seminal book The Ministry of Intercession : A Plea for More Prayer, said “,The measure of believing and continued prayer will be the measure of the Spirit’s working in the church. Direct, definite, and determined prayer is what we need.”

When we look back on our past years of service and ministry, we realize that our focus and contents of our prayers have been about our safety or growth. Seeing how God has answered our prayers, I believe that it is time to pray for others, lost souls, and fellow workers in our fields. We believe the intercessory movement can have a great impact on GMMA.

First, the GMMA campus can have intercessory prayer meetings at their own campus daily or weekly. Personally, I’ve had experiences attending a daily prayer meeting (DPM) at my campus in Korea when I was in college. It was a blessing for my spiritual growth and led to an active ministry in our chapter.

Second, we can have a monthly prayer meeting at each region. This have been held in the West Coast Region in the US for over two years. Through this monthly meeting, I have observed spiritual revival of the region.

Intercessory prayer is not to force the Lord to do something for us. It is to listen to Him and to learn how He guides us to His way in His time, as He is the master that controls and arranges everything, from trivial matters to huge decisions, even the destination of a nation. We only need to humble ourselves and ask him to lead our situation according to His will.

I hope that we can share more testimonies about miracles and powerful changes that our heavenly Father has done through our intercessory prayers.


In His Service,

Yong Sik Kim MD
Regional Director of GMMA Texas
Director of Intercessory Prayer Ministry



Regional Health Reports


The twelve chapter presidents have been continuing to meet in small groups to pray for our student chapters, encourage one another, and working diligently for the Gospel. We are continuing the missions momentum from our January trip, led by Dr. Sarah Oh and student leaders from UCR, UCSB and Chapman University, to our two-day Mexico missions trip on Saturday, February 16, 2019 in Sunday, February 17, 2019 with UCB, UCLA and Biola. Thank you to everyone who prayed for us. The Rock Church has reported that our medical and spiritual support has been tremendously effective in bringing the local community together in the Gospel. Praise God!
Please pray for our newly established student chapter at Chapman University. The student leaders will be tabling throughout the semester and holding their general meetings in the upcoming months. As the students in their respective chapters continue to build, sharpen and support one another, we ask that you remember us in your prayers. Thank you.


Praise Report

  • UT Dallas has started strong this first semester with more than 30 people gathered the first meeting
  • Most Texas GMMA Chapters are very involved in their community through volunteering in multiple ways.
    • U of H – works with the homeless shelter in Houston
    • UT Dallas – works with Center of Hope, a single women and children facility, and also with ACT, a facility to help those with special needs.
    • UT Austin – works with Micah 6, a local food bank and with Helping Hands Home, a government facility for children under custody.
  • Texas Region had a Senior meet up where God really moved and worked to help seniors from different chapters to grow closer and be more vulnerable.

Regional Outreach & Needs:

  • Loyola is trying to start a GMMA chapter, but the school is cautious about organizations that go abroad. So please pray for Loyola that God will open doors.
  • As the Texas Region grows, we have been lacking spots in our mission trips. Please pray for God to bring more healthcare professionals who are passionate about missions so that we can go to more than 1 mission trip each break.
  • Please pray for Michigan Chapter, for God to send them servants on fire for His kingdom work.
Central Regional Coordinator Message
  • Right now, one of the biggest upcoming works includes planning for summer mission trip and the Texas Regional retreat.
  • God has truly been moving in our chapters. He is raising a new generation of humble leaders such as Sophia Lin, Jeanie Kim, Junehee Heo, Min Kim, April Kwon, Rebecca Choi, Katheryn Woo, Bona Choi, Hana Choi, Gemma Hu, Bernice Chen, Sam Karsky, and many more. This just shows God’s faithfulness as the first generation of GMMA leaders are graduating. Even when writing these names, I feel so much joy inside for what God is doing.
  • Right now, UT Austin is restructuring their goal and vision. No longer are they looking to the standards of the world, but looking solely to God to work for His glory. To live this out, they are boldly sharing the gospel to their members and humbly showing Christ’s love to them.
  • 1 Samuel 16:7 “For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the LORD looks on the heart.”



Praise Reports:
Even in just a month, much has been going on in the east coast region. We just had a team of students from Emory, Binghamton, University of Virginia, and Yale come back from a mission trip to Honduras. Seeing pictures of the trip as well as meeting with the student leaders after it, one can sense this mission trip has not only created new eternal friendships, but even more, it has left a lasting impression of why GMMA is such an unique and precious ministry. In addition to this praise, the east coast is welcoming another chapter at NYU. After many attempts to start a chapter at NYU, it seemed that GMMA at NYU would not work, but out of the blue, we had a committed student contact us to get it started again- God is good!

Regional Outreach & Needs:
As we continue in this new year, many chapters on the east coast are gearing up to go on their mission trips and preparing for new leadership. Your prayer support is needed as some of our schools still do not have mission dates and many officers will be graduating this year. 

East Coast Regional Coordinator Message:
We here on the east coast give way to God’s hand, and recognize that it is the Holy Spirit who continues to fuel and sustain the existence of this ministry on this coast. Once again, your east coast GMMA family appreciates your prayers and all around support, and we look forward to continuing to ride the wave of God’s abundant love and grace with you!


U of T
Toronto chapter in December 2018 had a time of bonding and getting to know each other better throughout the planning/preparing for the retreat and during the retreat. Although it was a busy season for all of us with exams, we were able to support each other by simple, yet encouraging katalk messages in the chat, and also by having everyone trying to do more work so that others don’t have to, especially amongst our officers. We had struggles in preparing for the retreat in terms of ride arrangements and other details for sure, but also were blessed with generous donors from our mentor and GMMA alumni for delicious food and support prayers! We are excited to see changes in the interactions among us, not just within our chapter, but with Western U chapter, in the new semester with the new connections we made during December.
GMMA at Western University in December was struggling with unity and love for one another. With exam stress piling up and busy schedules not aligning, members and officers became sensitive and struggled with praying for each other. However, we organized and participated in a joint retreat with U of T/Ryerson chapter at the end of December. This retreat was helpful in personal spiritual rejuvenation and a refreshed sense of togetherness not only within our chapter, but with the UofT/Ryerson chapter as well. As we got to know fellow GMMA brothers and sisters, played with them, prayed with them, learned with them, and ate with them, we began to understand more about unity and how to care for each other. We are excited to head on into the new semester of GMMA as one team. One prayer request is for continued passion and unity within our GMMA officer team but also reaching outward to our members and to possible new members.

Chapter Feature

You can explore all of the GMMA chapters, including information about the leadership, meeting times, contact, Instagram handles and more, on our website here.

If you know any healthcare professionals who would gladly serve as mentors for these chapters, please email us at admin@gmma7.org.

Professional Activity Highlights 

January was another busy month for many of the professional members. Below are just few of the events that occurred.

  • Many professionals helped out with 5 mission trips to Mexico CA, Mexico TX, Philippines, Cambodia, and Honduras.  God’s amazing grace led to moving testimonies and life-changing memories for the professionals and students who attended.  Dr. Suh served solo in Cambodia, treating in challenging environments. Our skills are needed in so many places around the world! About 200 members attended medical missions during the January month.  
  • GMMA professionals made time to speak at different campus chapter meetings throughout the nation.  Dr. Chung, our president has started to visit different chapters to encourage them and to pray with them.
  • The mentor support director, Dr. Michelle Lee continues to serve faithfully to appoint new mentors to campuses without mentors.  We pray that every GMMA campus chapter will have an abundance of professional members who serve as their supporters and mentors.  
  • Directors of different departments gathered in Dallas, Texas to pray and plan together for 2019. Dr. Ahn delivered a short message about the importance of relationships; relationship with Christ and relationships with each other.
  • Monthly prayer meeting resumes in the west coast region.  Each gathering is rich in praise, prayer and great fellowship.  For the January gathering, Dr. Oh’s wife prepared a Korean dim sum making activity after the meeting which was enjoyed by everyone.  We pray for all the regions to gather regularly to pray together.  


Prayer Requests 

Please click below for the Student and Staff prayer requests.

Upcoming Events & Announcements 

64 physicians have donated funds to cover the cost for GMMA students to join in the 2019 Humanitarian Health Conference hosted by INMED (Institute for International Medicine). Click on the link to view session details.
The 2019 Humanitarian Health ConferenceEquip Connect Go will equip you to sustainably aid the world’s most marginalized people.  Kansas City on April 5-6!  
Scholarships are available for GMMA students to attend the 2019 Humanitarian Health Conference. The full price ticket for a student is normally $100, but donors make possible student registration for only $20 (that’s a bargain at only $10 a day). Registration is first come first serve, so sign up now. Please email office@inmed.us or call 816-444-6400 for questions.

Many mission trips are taking place every month!


Until next time ,
Please share about GMMA and let us all remember to Arise and Shine for His glory.

Global Medical Missions Alliance | 714.444.3032 | admin@gmma7.org | GMMA7.org

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