“Make every effort to keep yourselves united in the Spirit, binding yourselves together with peace. For there is one body and one Spirit, just as you have been called to one glorious hope for the future.” (Ephesians 4:3-4)

GMMA July 2018 Monthly Newsletter

President’s Greeting


Dear GMMA Family,

In His amazing grace, the 2018 GMMA Conference on June 22-23rd in Irvine, CA was a blessed event. We missed the members who could not be with us for various reasons. Here is a short synapse of the conference: 54 workshop speakers, 39 exhibitors, special NK forum, 7 main worship sessions, attendants from 23 countries, and over 200 people signed up to go to medical missions at least one week a year. Our AWAY4G (A week a Year for God) was well received and appreciated. We have received many expressions of gratitude from the attendants and people are reaching out to sign up for the upcoming mission trips!

The conference provided a critical platform for many missionaries to present their heartfelt ministries to a larger audience and get connected to meaningful partnerships. The conference gathered the world of medical mission community together to worship together, share fellowship in Christ, and share our personal testimonies in the journey of medical missions. It was a special time of growth, bonding and great joy. A deep thank you to the dedicated volunteers who served with dedication to execute the conference. It was a moving experience for me to witness again the power of collaborative efforts of inter-generations serving together. This is a special gift to GMMA. Bethel Church was generous to provide the venue and volunteers. To God be all the glory.

The theme of the conference was “Here Am I, Send me.” I believe the Lord spoke to each and every one of us in his own unique way at the conference. With assurance, confirmation, and specific instructions from the Lord, we can look confidently ahead to the next step of the journey. Our journey of medical missions continues; summer mission teams have started the day after the conference! Please pray for the four teams. As we grow as a family, let us feel comfortable enough to lean on each other and help each other to overcome obstacles and collectively share in the achievements for His glory. Let us kneel together in dedication to placing the Lord Jesus at the center of GMMA ministry!! Thank you to GMMA’s global family and let us continue to share our hearts and cerebrate our lives together in the pursuit of Christ.

All For HIM,
Peter Chung, M.D.
President of GMMA


From June 24th-27th, Dr. David Choi led a team of 38 individuals made up of undergraduate and graduate students, and professionals from the GMMA Canada, Binghamton, and University of Pacific chapters on a mission trip to Ensenada, Baja Mexico. The team visited orphanages and churches to provide medical care, as well as VBS. At night, the team heard testimonies from different missionaries.

“Glory to God for the June Mexico trip of 2018! It was an incredible experience for the four members from GMMA Binghamton, to be able to join for our first mission trip with GMMA as a campus. It was a blessing to be able to experience how God was moving in Enseñada and to witness His heart for His people in Mexico. We have come to learn God’s heart for His children is beyond comprehension and He truly has the ability to move hearts. We can only even hope to love others if we love God, and if we ONLY love God, he has something in store for us that we would not believe it even if we were told. That is the amazing God we serve. Overall, the mission trip was a reminder of God’s sovereignty. He gives us glimpses of how glorious His creation is: through nature & through our interactions with His people. And the Spirit of God just kept stirring our hearts throughout the trip and we knew He was working in us, breaking down our pride and expectations. He was reminding us that He is much greater than what we could ever imagine and expect Him to be. He revealed to us just how little we know and yet simultaneously reminded us to dig deeper because He is worth it. To know God is worth it all. TO GO, for the glory of God is worth it. As GMMA Binghamton embarks on its first year as an official club in New York, the few of us who have attended this Mexico trip hope to share the love we have received; as we encourage one another to be disciples of Christ, I hope we can continue to follow Him wherever He takes us!”

Jacklyn Yoon, GMMA Binghamton Chapter member.

Professional Activity Highlights 

June of 2018 was primarily focused on executing the Global Medical Missions Conference. It was a time of collaboration and cooperation of many, volunteering their time and effort to gather His people in healthcare, to connect to things of medical missions. We are so grateful for all who volunteered to make it happen. It was a great global gathering that lead to practical outcomes, such as the 400+ individuals signing up for the AWAY4G (A Week a Year For God) initiative to go away with God on a mission trip one week per year, and the establishment of new mission partnerships. A slide show of the conference will be available on the website by the end of July. Also we will post recordings of the main plenary session speakers for our members who were not able to attend in the resource section of the website. We hope all who were not able to join will be able to meet us for the next one.

After the conference, during the board meeting, our president Dr. Peter Chung presented an appreciation plaque to our Chairman of the Board, Dr. Chon, for his dedication of being one of the founding members of KAMHC/GMMA and living out the missional life. The new chairman of board is Dr. Bae. Dr. Peter Chung will continue as the president of GMMA. Praise the Lord for the great clinicians of faith that God appoints to lead GMMA.

Campus Chapter

Upcoming Events & Announcements

Officers Retreat: Throughout July and August, officers’ retreats are taking place in different regions to prepare for the upcoming academic year for campus chapters. The gatherings involve a time of worship and praying together to strengthen the unity of the officers serving together. It also informs and prepares the newly elected officers on practical aspects like responsibilities and procedural items that help with effective management of the ministry.

Prayer Meetings: Monthly prayer meetings for the ministry resumes onward, as prayer is the lifeline that keeps us aligned to God’s calling for this ministry. The intercessory team composes a daily prayer calendar on the web monthly. Pray with us.

Mission Trips: Mission trips continue as well. The day after the conference at 6 am the Mexico team, comprised of students and professionals from Canada chapter and other areas, went and served for 4 days. Other summer mission trips will be held in August to Guatemala and Cambodia.

Be Informed: Log onto the website (gmma7.org) regularly for mission dates and other information and be well informed.

Take Ownership: Please pray about serving in various positions of your gifting. The growth of the ministry requires growth of dedicated servants. Serve as mentors, speakers, board members, mission coordinators, and so many more. Please contact admin@gmma7.org and we will guide you.

If you would like to share your testimony with us, send us an email at newsletter@gmma7.org by the first week of each month for consideration.

Until next time ,
Please share about KAMHC & GMMA and let us all remember to Arise and Shine for His glory.

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