“Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labor.” (Ecclesiastes 4:9)

GMMA May 2019 Monthly Newsletter

Praise Report

Dr. Paul Jo – Director of South East region GMMA

Praise God! Our amazing God never fails to bless each mission trip with His special gifts. Our 2nd May 2019 Honduras mission trip was great! During this trip, we served remote small villages in an Indian reservation that was exclusively reachable by river. The trip through the jungle area took 16 hours by bus, and then over an hour on a small river boat. The team consisted of 22 college students, 2 doctors from US, and one local Honduran doctor and local dentist. God blessed us so much. At one location, we saw over 470 patients, and the local Honduran dentist treated 60 patients in a single day! Our students served so well despite bug bites, sleeping on a hard floor, and a little bit of dehydration due to limited reserved water. Amidst these challenges, God changed and renewed so many hearts! Six precious students were baptized in the beautiful Honduras ocean.

It was a great and timely blessing from God to allow us to work with the local Honduras doctor and a dentist. They joined the GMMA program, shared their testimonies and thanked us. I saw our God’s future direction for us in Honduras: to work together with local health professionals, side by side, healing with the love of Christ.

All glory to God for the gift of Medical Missions!
Let us press on to be His blessing to the world!


Paul Jo M.D


“The April 27, 2019 mission trip to Tijuana, Mexico, was led by Dr. David Choi. The different chapters and postgrads all met at Dr. Choi’s house on Friday April 26th to complete final preparations before leaving for Mexico on the following day. We returned on April 27th to Dr. Choi’s house. For this trip, there were 10 health professionals including an Anesthesiologist, 2 Dentists, Internists, Pharmacist, 3 Nurses, and an Acupuncturist. The USC, UC Davis, and UCSB chapters with 14 students, including 6 post grads, were involved in this trip. So, in total, there were about 30 people that went on this mission trip. The rehab center we visited went through a devastation that caused their roads and houses to be demolished. There was debris of broken road and knocked down homes. Despite this, the people there were full of worship and praise as we had service. Through the people of the rehab center, all the team members of this mission trip were encouraged to see how good God is. Even though they had little, and despite all that they went through, they continue to still praise God. We learned to be the channels of blessings to them, to pour out the love God has shown us. Our eyes were opened to the reality that despite the lack of material things, we should practice to have the same amount of love and praise these people from this rehab center had.”

– Sarah Kim, UC Davis Chapter Secretary 


Regional Health Reports 


Praise Report:
Congratulations to all the graduating students from our semester schools: UC Berkeley, University of Southern California (USC), University of the Pacific (UOP), and Biola University. (They did it!!) We are excited to see how God will guide their lives post-graduation. Some students have already expressed their intention to start medical, pharmacy, dental, and other grad schools! Congratulations once again, and we look forward to the testimonies of the missional lifestyle each of you will live. We also look forward to the quarter systems schools as they graduate next month, June. Stay tuned for more graduation pictures!

The West Coast is participating in three medical mission trips this summer: June 22-27 to Paraguay; August 2-8 to Honduras; and September 1-7 to Honduras. We are looking for more professionals to join the summer trips – to mentor our students and serve the communities and missionaries in need of encouragement and healing. We are in particular need of professionals for the August Honduras trip. If interested, please contact westcoast.gmma7.org to receive more information. (The team rosters have already closed for student participants.)

Our GMMA HQ is in the process of interviewing applicants for next academic year’s West Coast Student Coordinators. Please pray that next years’ coordinators will be able to serve GMMA’s undergraduate students dutifully and faithfully. We look forward to the new, selected coordinators!

Regional Coordinator Message:
“The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.” (Proverbs 16:9 ESV)

On May 25, a GMMA Mexico mission team comprised of UOP, University of Washington (UW), Chapman University, and Pomona College students were led by Allison Lee, RN to serve the church and community of Iglesia Tabernáculo de Adoración Familiar. We praise God for this trip on multiple fronts, as it highlights a few milestones for the West Coast.

First, we are excited to see GMMA send our newest addition to the GMMA family, Pomona College, on a GMMA mission trip! Pomona College will officially start its general meetings next school year as the West Coast’s 13th GMMA student chapter.

Second, the May Mexico trip leader, Allison Lee, RN, is our first GMMA graduate to have led a GMMA missions trip. We praise God in his faithfulness in Allison’s life as she partnered with GMMA as a student attending UCLA nursing school, to her graduation and working life as a nurse, and ultimately attending a GMMA trip as the lead mentor this May! This exciting moment marks the transition where the next generation of GMMA professionals will start consisting of members that first participated in their schools’ GMMA campus chapters as students!

Thirdly, this May trip marked the fourth time GMMA has partnered with Iglesia TAF in Tijuana, Mexico. We first began with Pastor Peter and his church in November 2018, the beginning of the school year, and have since then visited three subsequent times throughout the 2018-19 school year. Praise God in the ways that we consistently partner with fellow ministries to share the love of Christ from one neighbor to another!

We thank God for revealing His will for GMMA as new mentors arise from the first generation of GMMA students, as new student chapters continue to develop, and as we partner with new ministries and churches across country borders. We are deeply humbled to see GMMA expanding, guided by God’s faithfulness through and through.

Praise Report:

Most of our chapters’ founders are graduating. So, it is a time of a lot of changes going on especially in the leadership roles. However, God has been so faithful, and He has raised up a new generation of leaders even more on fire for God and GMMA than the oldies. We are so thankful to God for continuing on HIS movement throughout the Central region.

Please pray for these new leaders as they lead. Pray first for love and humbleness. That they would love God and work for His glory alone. There is a new chapter that is forming in Baylor University. Please pray for the core group of Baylor that God will give them wisdom and strength.

Regional Coordinator Message:
One thing God has shown me through 2 Samuel 7:18 was His faithfulness through it all. I was one of the founding members of the first Texas chapters (now we have 5 PTL!!!), and I have at times been so unfaithful and prideful. Yet David’s confession and prayer to God resonated so well with me. He said, “Who am I, O Lord God, and what is my house that you have brought me thus far?” The LORD has brought GMMA thus far, and I am so grateful and honored to be a part of God’s movement.



Praise Report:

God worked in many ways through GMMA on the east coast in the ‘18-’19 school year. From sustaining established chapters to planting seeds in new ones, God has more than just supplied our needs: He has poured out abundantly. This past school year God has reminded us that He is always on the move, even when we don’t see it. It’s the subtle affirmations of the deepening of friendships within and between chapters, the willingness of one student to bring GMMA to their university, that speak volumes to God’s support and power behind the GMMA ministry.

Many chapters are wrapping up the school year with mission trip recap meetings, fellowship events, and preparing for the transition of new leadership. As past officers welcome incoming officers and as seniors graduate, we would really appreciate your prayers. Please pray for those graduating as some venture off to new jobs and cities, begin graduate school, and as some take on their gap year. While we all know transitions are never easy, we never anticipate the pull of anxiety that comes with uncertainty or the weight of loneliness that comes with unfamiliarity: please pray that in these moments, trust in God would become more than something that’s said, but a means to the strength to preserve and the assurance in hearts that God’s promises will come to fruition. Also, please continue to pray for the new student leaders of the chapters; pray that the new leaders would lead with humility and joy.

Regional Coordinator Message:
Reflecting upon this past school year, and as I myself prepare to head off to graduate school, this verse rests upon my heart: “For where your treasure is, there also your heart will be” – Matthew 6:21 (NIV).

This verse challenges us to ask ourselves where we place our passions, and more importantly, what we allow to shape our desires and identity. My hope is that through GMMA, we would be a family who chooses to place our treasure in the one who matters and that the legacy we leave behind is always glory to God. We here on the east coast hope to continue to stir up a passion in people to take delight in their identity as children of God and to soak in His goodness. Thank you to all of our GMMA family everywhere; thank you for standing with us and reminding us from afar to continue to strive to give it all to the one who is worthy of it all!

Chapter Feature

You can explore all of the GMMA chapters, including information about the leadership, meeting times, contact, Instagram handles and more, on our website here.

If you know any healthcare professionals who would gladly serve as mentors for these chapters, please email us at admin@gmma7.org.

Professional Activity Highlights 

Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labor.”  Ecclesiastes 4:9 

This has been another month of serving, in various capacities, for the professional members of GMMA.  They have been serving together in thankfulness in response to His grace and love, and striving to bear fruits for His glory. Some of them traveled far to share about GMMA at a medical conference, some traveled to campuses to train and encourage students, and some traveled to mission sites to treat the sick, and some opened up their houses to welcome and treat mission teams to homemade meals.  Many of the postgrads in professional schools continue to serve to share His love at community events. We are amazed at the continual movement of serving together, close and far.  May He receive all the glory, for it is through His enablement that makes all things possible.


Prayer Requests 

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Upcoming Events & Announcements 

Summer Mission Trip Schedule:  
Sign up early at Missions@gmma7.org as space is limited!

West Coast mission dates are:
Paraguay – June 22-27
Honduras – Aug 2-7*
Honduras – Aug 31-Sept 7

East Coast mission dates are:
Honduras – May 5-10
Honduras – May 18-24
Honduras – Aug 2-7*

Central mission dates are:
Piedras Negras, Mexico – May 30-Jun 2
Honduras – July 28-Aug 2

Canada mission dates are:
Honduras – Aug 2-7*

GMMA Gathering for the Professionals – Save the date! Let us gather together to connect, learn, and worship. It will be a memorable day!

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Please share about KAMHC & GMMA and let us all remember to Arise and Shine for His glory.

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