“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

GMMA November 2017 Monthly Newsletter

President’s Greeting

Dear GMMA Family,

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, please savor a moment to pause and give thanks to the Lord for the amazing things God is granting GMMA. Our Lord has used all of us, ordinary people, to reveal the extraordinary work of God. It’s impossible to convey all that He has allowed me to see thus far, but let me share the few moments that seem to reoccur at every mission trip that stirs my heart to prostrate before Him with a “Thank you, Lord!” At every mission trip and campus chapter, I see hearts binding in unity through the joint prayers of professionals and students, and the sharing of tears and joy. I see the phenomenon of growing disciples of Jesus Christ through the gift of newfound identity and outlook on life as we serve the poor and the hurting together. This strength has delivered members from lingering life challenges such as depression and addictions. It enables us to say “Yes” to faith that overcomes, and “No” to our weaknesses. One of the students shared, “It is incredible to see clearly now, how God orchestrates our lives. Through GMMA, God has answered many of the questions I have had since the beginning of this school year.” The testimonies continue and strengthen the body. Through these fruits, God is allowing GMMA to expand and grow. Let us never cease to proclaim thanksgiving unto Him and stay active in His movement. I am thankful for every member of GMMA, a beautiful family with such a diversity of talents and roles, yet all so same as we are connected by His love. Thank you Lord,and thank you for enriching my life. I am honored to serve with you. Happy Thanksgiving!

In His Service,
Peter Chung M.D


Prayer Requests

How intimately do we know God’s name? As much as we know God’s name personally, we glorify Him through our prayers. Please lift up the GMMA student chapters and mission efforts for the kingdom of God.

Click below for the November prayer calendars.

Student Chapter November Prayer Calendar

Admin. Staff Prayer Requests

Professional Activity Highlights

Three young professionals of GMMA decided to prepare few things and visit a very needy community in Mexico before Thanksgiving. It was hard hearing so many sad stories of hurt and sorrow, but they shared what they could; love of Christ for the time they had together. The more GMMA travels exploring potential mission sites to serve, we are discovering the seriousness of the brokenness in this world. There’s much we can serve together to shed His light in the midst of darkness.

Texas GMMA Chapter had their annual leaders retreat from November 18th to 19th. Chapters represented in this retreat were UT Austin, A&M, U of H, and Rice. The retreat took place at Palacios, Texas near the Gulf of Mexico. There, the leaders had a very healing and empowering time in midst of their upcoming exams. The passion for GMMA was rekindled, and the leaders were equipped by God through Dr. Kim, Mrs. Kim, Dr. Roh, Jamie Roh, and Dr. Lin. Texas GMMA is growing strong and is full of potential. Please do continue to keep the Texas chapters in your prayers, especially for A&M, U of H, and Rice, which just started.


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If you know any healthcare professionals who would gladly serve as mentors for these chapters, please email us at admin@gmma7.org.

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2018 GMMA Global Conference

Register early and take advantage of the Early Bird Discount. Start planning the trip, don’t miss out on the life-changing experience. Register at conference.gmma7.org
Email gmmaconference@gmma7.org if you will like to volunteer and help out!


Patrick Fung, MD – Plenary Speaker
Director, OMF International Singapore

Dr. Fung is the 10th director of OMF International (formerly the China Inland Mission) and is the first Asian to lead the ministry. He is a graduate of medical school in Australia, Royal College of Physicians in the United Kingdom and the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine. Additional degrees include Christian studies from the China Graduate School of Theology in Hong Kong and a master’s degree in missiology from Fuller Theological Seminary. Dr. Fung provides spiritual leadership for OMF, which currently has more than 1,400 workers from over 25 countries serving among East Asia’s peoples.

Upcoming Events & Announcements

Experience Something New

Go to the Ends of the Earth with Bethel Team: Bethel Church is recruiting GMMA healthcare professionals and post graduates for a joint mission trip to Guinea Bissau from 1/26/18 to 2/3/18. Guinea-Bissau is located in western Africa. The mission site is Ilha de Carache, a small island which is a 6 hour boat ride from the mainland of Guinea Bissau. This is truly an ‘end of the world’ where the Gospel has not yet reached. The team will focus on church construction, children’s ministry, along with medical missions. CONTACT: Dr. Sang-Hoon Ahn (doctahn@gmail.com) for more information.

Contribute to Research

You still have an opportunity to share your input with the “Asian Americans in Missions” study; a 5-minute survey looking into the issues that Asian American Christians face as they explore a career in world missions. http://survey.sogosurvey.com/r/fJOb2D

2018 Conference

Register early. Help your family and friends take advantage of the early bird discount and register by 12/31/17. Plan early for the trip out to Irvine, California for best air fares. It will be a life changing experience! conference.gmma7.org

Be a Mentor!

Many of the campus chapters are praying to meet God appointed mentors for them. Please pray and serve as a mentor. You will be so blessed and your life will be so enriched. Professionals in New York, Virginia, Texas, Philadelphia, Michigan, we encourage you to join us. For inquiries, email us at mentors@gmma7.org

UPCOMING GMMA MISSION TRIPS – Please pray for the teams

December 16-20 mission trip to Mexico with Dr. Peter Chung with Sydney (Australia), UC Riverside, UC Davis, and UC Berkeley chapters.

Intercampus Meetings

November 18 Texas Region Intercampus Fellowship and Mini-Retreat

November 20 Joint Meetings — USC + UCLA // UC Davis + UC Berkeley // UC Irvine + UC Riverside + Biola

(Please refer to the master calendar on the website for all other meeting dates)

Share and Bless the Body

If you would like to share your testimony with us, send us an email at newsletter@gmma7.org by the first week of each month for consideration.

Until next time ,
Please share about KAMHC & GMMA and let us all remember to Arise and Shine for His glory.

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