“We fall down, we lay our crowns at the feet of Jesus…” “Give us clean hands, give us pure hearts…” “Oh let us be a generation that seeks Your face…” “If we pray and humble ourselves, You will come and heal our land.  Lord, send Revival—let it start with me….” “Lord, I need You, Lord, I need you, every hour I need You….” “My Jesus I love Thee..”  “How Great is Our God!”

The GMMA prayer meeting started with an anointed time of praise and worship led by Christine and Hellen Roh.   We felt the presence of the Holy Spirit as we lifted up our voices, entering His throne room in consecration and surrender.

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We entered a time of personal repentance for our lukewarm faith, our lack of love for God and our neighbors, and our inability to be the salt and light in this world. Corporate repentance was lifted up for our nation, our world and the Church. The room overflowed in united prayer with the roar of tear-filled prayers crying out to God for Repentance, Reconciliation and Recommitment.

Dr. Chi Chung, a general surgeon and missionary to Ethiopia, gave a tremendous testimony of how God miraculously healed him of hepatitis, and delivered him from the fear of losing not only his occupation but also his identity as he shared the truth that it is only “by GRACE that we are saved, not by works.”

Dr. Peter S. Chung, a cardiovascular surgeon and the president of GMMA, shared a humorous personal story as well as his moving personal testimony of how God performed surgery on his own heart to lead him to serve GMMA.  He encouraged others to open up their hearts to one another, and a student who had been on previous mission trips spontaneously shared her testimony and her newly found relationship with Jesus.

We prayed for next year’s GMMA 2016 National Conference.  Ms. Kelly Choi who is leading the preparations and planning led the group in prayers for God’s anointing upon the conference.   Elly Ko and Andrew Park, young GMMA students, led the group in powerful prayers for the conference speakers and for Shane & Shane, the recording artists who will partner with GMMA and lead worship at the conference.

The GMMA summer Mexico mission team, to be led by Dr. David Choi and Dr. Sang Hoon Ahn, performed body worship to the song, “Above All”. Ben Lai prayed over the team and it was electrifying when Dr. David Choi introduced the student team as “the future of GMMA”.

The closing prayer by Pastor Jonas Lee of Sarang Church summarized the prayer meeting well with his observation that there is fire in the room from the surrendered hearts that are sacrificed at the altar of worship.  As the multigenerational and multiethnic audience came together at this prayer meeting, it gave substance to the vision of GMMA to reach out to the next generation and healthcare professionals to “Arise and Shine” for Christ and His Kingdom.

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