GMMA partner NIEA (New India Evangelistic Association) announced the dates for the Nepal Outreach Medical Camps below.

Just last weekend, they had invited a few committed Nepali leaders to Purnia, Bihar to plan for the next six months of medical camps to the disaster hit areas of interior Nepal.  The vision is to serve those in difficult situations, especially those for whom access to medical care is absent or very limited due to the mountainous terrain, poverty and disaster.  They also hope and pray that these locations would continue to be beacon lights for the Gospel in the days ahead.

The dates selected are given below.

Medical Camp # 3:   September 6-13, 2015
Medical Camp # 4:   Nov 1-8, 2015
Medical Camp # 5:   December 6-13, 2015
Medical Camp # 6:   Jan 24-31, 2016
Medical Camp # 7:   Mar 6-13, 2016

As you can appreciate, all dates are planned with Day 1, falling on a Sunday and exit on a Sunday as well.  Logistics include:

– Arrival in Kathmandu city, of Nepal on Day 1
– Stay overnight at a nice hotel in Kathmandu for the night of Day 1
– Travel to the venue of Medical Camp on Day 2
– Stay from Day 2 to Day 6 at the Medical Camp site, and if possible accommodation in a nearby village hotel or at the camp site itself!
– Day 7 return to Kathmandu city and overnight in a nice hotel
– Day 8 – leave Kathmandu back to the US.

Kindly let them know if these are possibilities where friends from GMMA network can participate in. Here is the contact information of the director of NIEA, Dr. Alex Philip:
An article from Dr Jimmy Miller, a resident at John Hopkins is attached, and who visited Nepal last weekend conducting a medical camp there.

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