Meet Our 2020-2021 Executive Board!

Jessica Nam


Major: Psychology, Pre-Nursing Track

Hello! My name is Jessica Nam and I am the president of Binghamton GMMA. Currently a senior majoring in Psychology and on the pre-nursing track, I was first drawn to GMMA because it combines two of my greatest passions: spreading God’s love and medicine. I learned through GMMA what it means to truly glorify God in everything that we do, and how doing so especially with our profession can touch the lives of many. Joining the GMMA family and meeting other brothers and sisters who share the same faith and vision as me has been such a blessing, as we are able to encourage one another in our walks with Christ and witness firsthand His faithfulness. I look forward to seeing how God will use GMMA to further His kingdom while changing more and more peoples’ lives.

Evelyn Chon

Vice President

Major: Integrative Neuroscience

Hi guys! My name is Evelyn and I’m a senior at Binghamton University studying integrative Neuroscience. GMMA and the people in it has been such a great blessing in my life and I’ve been able to see all of God’s glory while working with everyone in GMMA! I’m so grateful to be here right now!

Emily Kong


Major: Psychology, Pre-Nursing Track
Minor: Health and Wellness
GMMA has given me brothers and sisters who I’m able to share and experience a common goal of spreading God’s love through medical missions, mentors who challenge and pray for me, and has allowed me to grow with the Lord in ways that bring me so much joy. Through GMMA and GMMA missions, God has opened my eyes to his ultimate kindness and love for his people. I’m so happy to be part of a community that seeks to fulfill and spread Jesus’ love for His people. I hope to be able to share the joy that I receive to those around me whether that be on missions or on campus.

Hajin Choi

Treasurer & Fundraising Coordinator

Major: Biochemistry

Through GMMA, God showed me how great His love is for His people, and that He is always working in our lives no matter where we are. I also got to meet such humble and loving brothers and sisters who hold me accountable and encourage me to fall deeper in love with God. I am so grateful that God was so intentional in placing me in GMMA so I can experience His love as I serve Him and His people.

Viola Wen

Public Relations

Major: Integrative Neuroscience

I joined GMMA because being able to go on medical missions really appealed to me. It reminded me that even as a student, I could serve God in this way and it showed me how He can be glorified through my future career. I am excited to be in a community where I can be surrounded by like-minded brothers and sisters to spread God’s love for His people both on campus and in the missional field. 

Subin Jung

Missions Coordinator

Major: Accounting

My name is Subin Jung and I will be serving as a Mission Coordinator for the coming year. I am a senior majoring in Accounting which means you don’t necessarily need to be a medical related major to be part of GMMA family:) GMMA really helped me to see how Big God is. It’s really amazing and crazy to see how God can bring so many people with different backgrounds and stories together and use them to serve Him in His Kingdom work~ I believe God will do great things through His children and I am so excited to be a witness to all of His Great works!

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