Shauna Cho

Shauna Cho

President | 4th year| Biological Sciences

To me, GMMA is another family. It is a group of brothers and sisters that build each other up and encourage one another to pursue a Christ centered life. GMMA’s goal is to help prepare future Christian healthcare professionals serve the local community while creating opportunities to send students, like myself, on medical missions. Through my first mission trip (with GMMA), I learned how to serve God whether it is through the church or in a professional setting. GMMA has taught me how to bear good fruit. Without God as my foundation in any aspect of life, no fruit can bear. Serving in GMMA has truly been a blessing. GMMA has taught me to serve God everywhere I go.

Boaz Kim

Boaz Kim

Missions Coordinator | 3rd Year | Pharmaceutical Chemistry

GMMA has provided me an opportunity to see the mix between ministry and medicine. With Christ always at the center of everything we do, it has allowed me to see the impact of prayer and preparation. GMMA longs to equip and prepare pre-health professionals to live missional lives for the kingdom of God. I’ve had the pleasure to grow alongside Christ-minded individuals who encourage and push me to seek Christ. Through my first missions trip with GMMA I saw the long lasting hope and transformative power of the Gospel. As I serve with GMMA this year, I place great faith and hope in the good works God has planned for us for this year.

Eden Knight

Eden Knight

Vice President | 4th Year | Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior

GMMA is a unique medical missions club because God is at the center of everything we do. I love the aspect of helping to heal spiritually and physically. GMMA intertwines Christianity with medicine. I wish to learn how to incorporate my Christian beliefs in my future career, and I believe GMMA will equip me with the skills to do so. God has been so present in my life and has truly blessed me; I need to stay strong in my faith for the future. Through GMMA missions I have seen the power of persistent prayer, and proof that God leaves no one behind. I am blessed and excited to serve on the GMMA board. Go Ags!

Estelle Yoo

Estelle Yoo

Treasurer | 3rd year | Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

After going on my first mission trip with GMMA, I was so moved and convinced that it was not a “typical” volunteer organization. At the heart of GMMA is the Gospel; as much as we were there to provide medical aid, the greater mission was to be vessels to share God’s love with the people. I’m grateful that God led me to GMMA, and for the ways He has been teaching me what it means to be Christ-centered as an aspiring medical professional. Moreover, I’ve been so encouraged to meet other brothers and sisters who I can run this race together with. As I serve on board this year I pray that I will always fix my eyes on Jesus, and am excited to see how He will move on our campus and beyond.

Alvin Kim

Alvin Kim

Secretary| 3rd Year |Microbiology

GMMA has been one of my biggest commitments in college. I joined during my first year and I have only grown to love the club more. In my opinion, there is no club like GMMA. Not only am I surrounded by fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, but we all have a similar vision and dream in life as future healthcare providers. Together, we can rely on each other and grow as a group. I have met so many great people and learned so many new things that I will hold onto throughout college. Going on missions, clubs meetings, organizing events, and much more have been a blessing and enlightening experience. I thank God that He has given me such a great community and blessed me with such great opportunities. I hope to continue to serve the club with everything I have, and I strive to help the club grow. Go Ags!

Tiffany S. Kim

Tiffany S. Kim

Public Relations | 2nd Year | Global Disease Biology

Coming into college, I wasn’t sure how my academics and professional aspirations would connect to my faith, but during my first GMMA mission trip, God transformed my view of the healthcare field. All of the professionals amazed me with their great humility and heart for God as even with their decades of healthcare training, they continue to lean on and trust in Him rather than themselves. As a part of GMMA, I have learned of the importance of pursuing an obedient and honest relationship with God and seeking Him in all aspects of my life. I am extremely grateful that through GMMA, I have been able to meet so many other like-minded Christ-loving people, and I am constantly encouraged by their desire to glorify Him. I am so excited to see how God will work through our chapter, and I can’t wait to serve both our local and global communities!  

About the UCD Student Chapter

The Davis GMMA student chapter was founded in the spring of 2017, with the approval and support from the GMMA Board Members and prayers from our brother chapters. We are in our inaugural year at Davis, and we hope to sustain this community for future years to come.

Our student chapter comprises of undergraduate students who are seeking academic and spiritual guidance in a Christ-centered community of aspiring health professionals. Our vision for this community is rooted in the gospel, and we hope to serve as a platform that provides mentorship, promotes good stewardship, and encourages fellowship with other brothers and sisters. We welcome everyone with open arms!


We are committed to:

  • Providing a network among Christian students and health professionals to bring about healing towards all nations
  • Fostering a unique community and fellowship among peers and mentors committed to medical mission and healing ministry
  • Inspiring the next generation of healthcare professionals to passionately give back to the community for the gospel

General Meetings

Until further notice, all of our meetings will be held online via Zoom: check out our Instagram and Facebook pages for details about each meeting! Our meetings start off with an icebreaker followed by praise and generally consist of health professional messages, workshops, mission testimonies, and case studies.

Fall Quarter 2020

(GM #1) Mon 10/5 Informational Meeting: What is GMMA? + Get to know our chapter!





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Fall 2020 Info Coming Soon!

Mission Trips

All missions are suspended until further notice due to COVID-19.

Throughout the school year, we usually organize multiple medical mission trips to bring both physical and spiritual healing to the underserved communities around us. Students from various GMMA student chapters work alongside health professionals to provide medical treatments and share the gospel to the underserved communities.


Contact Information:


Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns about UCD GMMA and our vision. All collaborations and interests are welcome!

In His love,
Davis GMMA

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