Gloria Lee


Major: Cognitive Science – Neuroscience

Career Interest: Surgery


I am currently a fourth year at UVA, majoring in Cognitive Science, concentrating in Neuroscience. Upon graduation, I hope to attend medical school. I have always had a passion for missions as well as pursuing a career in the medical field. GMMA provided me with the perfect opportunity to integrate two of my biggest passions. Serving in GMMA has been a blessing for me where I have had the chance to experience God’s grace, love, and mercy for his children. Though I felt ill-prepared to serve the people of Honduras, because God is perfect and His plans for me have no flaws, I was able to rely on His power rather than my own abilities to reach out to my fellow brothers and sisters in Honduras. During my first missions at Honduras, I had begun to realize that giving is not an obligation but something that becomes natural as the unconditional love that we have received from God becomes uncontainable. I am very excited to see what God has in store for the future of GMMA and I am so blessed to be a part of it!

Kristina Park

Vice President

Major: Cognitive Science – Neuroscience and Linguistics

Career Interest: Dentistry


My name is Kristina Park, and I am a fourth-year majoring in Cognitive Science. I first joined GMMA because of my passion for missions and to serve others. In January 2019, I had the opportunity to go on the Honduras mission trip, which became a turning point in my life. It was a time when I became more aware and conscious of His presence and realized that nothing else mattered except Him. I felt as if God was training me throughout the trip, and I realized that the experience I had in Honduras is what I want to be doing as a dentist in the future. I am so grateful to be a part of a Christ-minded community and excited to serve God with brothers and sisters in Christ who are serving for the same purpose!


Eunhye Kim

Missions Coordinator

Major: Cognitive Science – Cognitive Psychology

Career Interest: Dentistry


I am a fourth-year majoring in Cognitive Science. After graduating, I hope to attend dental school and later specialize in pediatric dental. I first chose dentistry in high school because I wanted to serve on mission trips. When I was young, I was blessed with many opportunities to participate in diverse mission trips with my family. One of the most memorable trips was to Mongolia. There were so many obstacles throughout the mission trip, but it was so special because I can proudly say that God did it all. God worked through what seemed impossible and showed his mighty power through the weak like me and my team. For this reason, missions hold a special place in my heart as it is not only a time I could serve others, but also learn more about God’s love. Our God is an almighty God and His love exceeds what our imaginations can even fathom. I believe GMMA is a place where we can truly experience God’s love and share it with others. 

I am humbled to be serving in UVA GMMA and I welcome each one of you to be a part of this Christ-loving community. 

Uriel Kim


Major: Biology

Career Interest: Medicine


I am a third-year student at UVA majoring in Biology. I am pre-health and intend to go to medical school in the future. I grew up in a Christian family and coming into college I sought to grow in my faith and also to involve myself more in the Christian community. The members of GMMA have been so kind, welcoming, and truly loving. I joined GMMA because I am interested in learning about how God works throughout different nations in different ways, and I hope to find ways to serve him in his mission to spread the Gospel and show kindness to others.

Crystal Zhou

Treasurer & Fundraising Committee Chair

Major: Biology

Career Interest: Medicine


I am currently a third-year student at UVA majoring in Biology. I am pre-health and hope to attend medical school upon graduation. One of my goals when I came to college was to involve myself more in the Christian community, and GMMA was an amazing opportunity to combine my interest in medicine with my faith. The GMMA community has been so warm and welcoming, and I feel that I’ve learned so much from the other members during my time here. I hope to continue to grow and seek to learn more about God, and to find ways to glorify Him and spread kindness in day-to-day life and as a member of GMMA.

General Meetings

 Fall 2021 Meeting Schedule

  • Sept. 1 – Interest Meeting
  • Sept. 15 – Missions Information & Fellowship
  • Sept. 29 – GBM Fellowship
  • Oct. 13 – Local Outreach
  • Nov. 3 – Guest Speaker Night
  • Nov. 17 – Mission Trip Testimony & Prayer Night



2021-2022 Mission Trip

Location: Undecided

2020 March Mission Trip

Location: Honduras

Attendees: Crystal Park, Daniel Choi, Grace Lee, Gloria Lee, Isabel Oh, Jun Bae, Peter Choi, Sarah Park, Sion Kim, Sujin Park, Youngjun Kim

2019 January Mission Trip

Location: Honduras

Attendees: Dasam Jeong, Gloria Lee, Grace Lee, Grace Oh, Heeju Lim, Isabel Oh, Joanne Yoon, Kevin Park, Kristina Park, Sarah Park, Young Jun Kim

2018 March Mission Trip

Location: Honduras

Attendees: Catherine S. Im, Carolyn Yi, Dasam Jeong, Grace Oh, Hana Wright, Peter Choi, Rebekah J. Lee, Shua Jeong, Yayi Feng, Yeonji Kim, Yoojin Lee, Young Jun Kim

2017 August Mission Trip

Location: Santa Rita, Honduras

Attendees: Daniel Inyoung Lee, Peter Choi, Lily Ha, Seulgi Min, Terry Song

2016 December Mission Trip

Location: La Mision, Baja California

Attendees: Daniel Inyoung Lee, Youngjun Kim


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