mexico mission team summer 2015


  • Aug 13th-18th (Thurs-Tues)
  • Sept 14th-19th (Mon-Fri)

Location: La Mision village in Baja Mexico

  • 40min to 1 hr away south from US Border
  • Serving in 2 Christian Non-profit Organization (non-denominational)
  • Siloé Ministry / Open Arms

Siloé Ministry : Clinics

  • Sarah Mayer, PA is in charge of the Clinic (Full time missionary).
  • Partnered with a local church, they provide free medical care to the community of La mision
  • More info:

Open Arms : VBS and Health Education

  • Heidi Elizarraraz is the director of the non-profit organization in Baja Mexico
  • Provides a free Day care for underserved communities to keep the families together
  • They send the children to school and provide tutoring and bible study (from baby-highschool age)
  • More info:

Training Day

  • For the August Team training starts June 20th until trip day: Every Saturdays from 5pm-9pm -> Dr. Choi will lead spiritually
  • For the Sept Team training starts mid July. Dr. Ahn will lead the team. Specific dates and time still TBD

Transportation options

  • Dr. Choi is planning to drive and rent a 15 people van, and have a church volunteer drive (August team plan)
  • Rent a Charter bus to drop us off at La Mision and then on the last day be picked up by the same charter bus ($1400+).
  • Then rest Open Arms minivans with drivers ($50/person) for the entire trip
  • Designate 4-5 personal drivers, and drive their cars (save $$)


  • 11 students submitted application by April 24th 2015 (Definite Deadline May 1st)
    • 8 for August team
    • 3 for September team
  • Health professionals
    • Dr. Sang Hoon Ahn will join September Trip
    • Dr. David Choi will Join August Trip

* Note: it will be ideal to recruit different specialists for each Team
* Professionals needed: Pediatricians, Dermatologists, OB/gyn, Ortho & Dental.

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