Ashley Chang
3rd Year, UCSD

This Mexico mission trip was my first mission trip ever in my life. I was excited and pumped to go and help people there. I thought I would be able to help people, play with kids, and have a good time there. However, what I experienced was completely different from what I expected.

I did not know what I was supposed to do; I didn’t know how to approach the kids, how to help the health professionals, etc. In the midst of confusion, I had an opportunity to play with a little boy. This little boy was amused and happy with very little things, such as throwing around 딱지.

As I was playing with this little boy, I realized how ungrateful I was. Despite the fact that I have more than enough, my life was filled with complaints rather than gratefulness. God really shined his light upon my weakness; I felt ashamed before God, yet I was thankful to know where I stand spiritually.

Also, the language barrier made me realize how unprepared I am to be used by God. I realized that I was preparing myself to succeed in this world, but I wasn’t doing anything to prepare myself to be used by God has a tool. This mission trip was a great opportunity and blessing for me. It truly made me reflect on my life and think about how I should live from now on.

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