On February 7, 2015, Dr. Joseph Chun, GMMA CAlifornia Director, hosted nearly two dozen health care professionals and non-medical professionals at the restaurant in Anaheim, California to share about how they might join their careers in the medical profession or in more diverse professions with their passion for the mission work.

These participants were representatives of Living Hope Community Church, Young Nak Celebration Church and Sarang Community Church, Global Dental Alliance etc. Dr. Peter Chung Jr. shared about the GMMA student chapters and his own involvement with GMMA at UCLA. With the mentorship of Dr. Chung and other GMMA physicians, several college chapters in Southern California (including UCLA, USC, and UC San Diego) completed several short-term medical mission trips in the past year to Mexico.

Not only were these students given an opportunity to care for the medical needs of communities in Mexico, but they were taught to understand how to use that opportunity to also care for the spiritual needs of those who may not have known the gospel of Jesus Christ. At the close of the February 7 meeting, many of the physicians were intrigued and challenged with the idea of using medicine to further God’s kingdom.


150224 GMMA CAlifornia Meeting 3


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